OS/2 Preload List of companies that sell computers with OS/2 preinstalled

This list is for those people interested in buying a computer which has OS/2 (or eComStation) already installed. These are not always the cheapest systems but at least you have the peace of mind that all the components will be supported. If you know of another company selling computers with OS/2 or eComStation installed, or a consultant offering OS/2 or eComStation installation services, then please let me know and I will add them to this list.

OS/2 Pre-Install

Blonde Guy OS/2 Consulting
Santa Cruz, CA (831) 427-1529
ERA Computer Consulting
Jackson, TN (731) 256-0973
Lueck Data Systems
Kalamazoo, MI (269) 381-9979
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Prism Data Works
Raleigh, NC (919) 846-9194
blue.point Solutions
Decin, Czech Republic +420-777-301-519
Blue Soft
Tullinge, Sweden +46-08-7781556
Finnegan Software, Inc.
Brampton, Ontario, Canada +1-416-410-4774 (+1-800-258-0033)
PC-Service Herbert Rosenau
Hofheim i.UFr., Germany +49-9523-502834
Yea Computing Services
Yea, Victoria, Australia +61-3-57973344
AP-COM (only sells to countries using Euros as currency)
St. Ingbert, Germany +49 6894 888803

Certified OS/2 Compatible

Another approach to buying an OS/2 computer, is to get a system that has been certified OS/2 compatible. These will not typically ship with OS/2 pre-installed, however, they have passed the OS/2 compatibility test, so installing OS/2 should go smoothly, and for people who already own OS/2, this might offer better value. IBM, Dell and HP/Compaq all offer computers that are OS/2 compatible. IBM maintains a list of OS/2 compatible computers at the IBM OS/2 Compatibility Program Office.