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RealAudio 3.0 / RealPlayer 5.0 [Win3.1]

RealAudio uses the mime type audio/x-pn-realaudio-plugin with the extension rpm for plug-ins, and the mime type audio/x-pn-realaudio with the extension ramand ra for the helper application. In my case installation didn't seem to setup RealAudio correctly to interact with Netscape/2, and this was noticeable by the fact that there was nothing listed under about:plugins.

To get the plug-in configured correctly it was necessary to edit the file winplug.reg in the netscape directory and add the following line:
1 x:\NETSCAPE\Plugins\Npra16.dll

However, for most purposes it is just necessary to get it working as a helper application, which just requires using the "Pick App" when selecting a RealAudio stream and picking out x:\RAPLAYER\RAPLAYER.EXE. However, I only seem to be able to reliably play 14.4 2.0 audio streams, while when trying to play either of the samples included with RealAudio 3.0 or any 28.8 3.0 streams off the net, I receive a GPF in MWDW16.DLL.

If the plug-in DLL wasn't installed in the right directory for you then you can find it in the ra16_30.exe RealAudio distribution file, and it can be copied to the x:\NETSCAPE\PLUGINS directory.

  • If you get WSAAsynchSelect() unable to locate CB for this socket read these notes
  • If you get Cannot find WINSOCK.DLL read these notes
  • Marvin Fletcher writes I tried out a test site and got the following real audio error message: Cannot open audio device. (also see Problems accessing audio device in WINOS2)
  • Steve Christie writes I had a lot of trouble getting realaudio to work. I installed it on two machines. Both machines are virtually identical/ One machine it went in no problem. The second one I got the error 22 message each time I tried to run it.I finally got it to work by making sure that MMOS/2, Netscape and Realaudio were all on the same drive. I do not know if this was the problem or not. But it worked.
  • Joey Mukherjee writes I am running Merlin and can't get RealAudio to work. I was able to get a sucessfull install by using a Full Screen WinOS2 session though. If you use the windowed one, it won't find Netscape.
  • Patrick G. Gaerlan writes I'm using Warp 4, Netscape Navigator for OS/2, and RealAudio. [snip] I was able to get RealAudio running properly by choosing Options -> Helpers -> App Settings for the RealAudio plug-in and making it run in an Enhanced Win-OS/2 session (the default is Standard)
  • Allan Wotherspoon writes When ever I tried to play a .ram file with Real Audio I got an error 22. I finally solved the problem by editing the autoexec.bat file to add the statement SET ETC=?:\TCPIP\DOS\ETC where ? is the drive where your TCPIP directory is. I did not come up with this myself, but got the suggestion from a message posted by Rien Bauin on comp.os.os2.comm.
  • David Johnson writes I had a difficult time getting the RA Player 3.0 to work with Netscape for OS/2. The sound quality was poor and I would get system hangs occasionally when the RA Player program started. The system hangs seemed to be associated with the video adapter (Diamond Stealth 64 2000) and I installed a different driver. After installing the new driver, there was no improvement. Then, I read in the documentation for the driver to be sure to change the settings for Win-OS2 and DOS sessions as follows:
    VIDEO_8514A_XGA_IOTRAP should be set to 'Off'
    VIDEO_SWITCH_NOTIFICATION should be set to 'On'
    After making these changes, the sound quality and performance improved enormously and no more system hangs. I don't know why these should make a difference but they do. When changing the settings for RA play, you MUST do it in the Netscape Options/General Preferences/Helpers box using the 'App Settings' button for the real audio plug-in and helper.
  • David Cougle writes Real audio 4.01 beta 1 for win3.1 works in os/2, but prefers full screen win-os/2.
  • George Baker writes To resolve the problem of getting a GPF in MWDW16.DLL when trying to play streams at 28.8 or greater go to the settings for the session and change the idle_sensitivity fomr 75 to 100. I had this problem even playing the sample file until I made this adjustment.
  • David Johnson writes I installed the RealPlayer 5.0 Beta for Windows 3.1 plugin/helper from Real Networks (formerly realaudio) on my OS/2 v4 fixpak 1 machine. I found it to be very easy to install and seemed to work very well for both sound and video. I installed it as a helper and I don't have the support for Win 3.1 plugins installed. You have to download it from Real Networks as a Windows 3.1 application rather than as OS/2. If you select OS/2 as your OS, they will give you RealPlayer 3.0 which is an earlier audio-only version and much more difficult to install. The video feature requires that you have Microsoft's "Video for Windows" installed as well. This is available from the Real Network download page and also worked without any problems. I just ran the setup program from the "File/Run" selection and let it install itself on the browsers it found as both a helper and a plug-in. The setup successfully identified my Netscape/2 browser as the default browser. You should also have the newest Winsock (10/97) and associated files installed. Remembering difficulties with RealPlayer 3.0 install and the complete absence of support from Real Networks, I was very surprised at how easily RealPlayer 5.0 installed. The only drawback is that it is a 60-day beta program.
  • Benjamin Hannon writes I just wanted to let you know that the RealPlayer (Audio & Video) for Windows 3.x is available and works like a charm in a Win/OS2 session, the current version is 5.0.
  • Mark Klebanoff writes When I upgraded my video card from a Diamond/S3TRIO64V+ to a Matrox Millennium II with 4 MB, I could not get RealPlayer 5.0 to run in a seamless session, and I couldn't get Netscape to load it full screen as a helper either. At the advice of someone on Usenet, I went into my WinOS/2 WIN.INI file and added to the section [drawdib] the following line:


    In the SYSTEM.INI file in the [386enhanced] section, I added


    So far, that has cured the problem, and RealPlayer seems to work fine in a seamless session as a helper app.
  • Jim Buteyn writes After successfully running Real A/V 3.0 & 4.0 I decided to load 5.0 since I had a fresh install on a new hd. Nothing worked & I spent hours applying the tips & troubleshooting. The culprit was the Injoy dialer! Once I switched back to the IBM other ISP dialer Real A/V worked like a charm!
  • Hans Wenzel writes I got the RealPlayer 5.0 to run in a seamless session with DVA=0 in win.ini, section [drawdib]. I'm using Number 9 Motion video card and Warp 4 with Fixpack 1.
  • DenverD writes A writer mentions that RealAudio did not work with InJoy. Actually RealAudio works GREAT with InJoy, as long as you turn OFF the IP Masquerading function. RealAudio can't get through that, no matter what platform its on.
  • Peter Kolb writes If you can not hear any sound from RealPlayer 5.0 you will probably have to install audio support for Win OS/2. Follow the instructions in the OS/2 Warp user manual under the topic "audio support for Win OS/2". I have a SB 16 sound card and Warp comes with audio drivers for both, OS/2 and Win OS/2, so I did not need any additional driver diskettes.
  • RealNetworks' Service & Support

ShockWave [Win3.1]

Installation goes fine, but when you are taken to their web site to check it out the plug-in doesn't work. Nothing is shown under about:plugins To fix this it is just necessary to add one line to the winplug.reg file in the netscape directory as follows:

Once this has been added you should be able to restart Netscape/2 and visit the Kodak site to add animations to one of the cards as a test.

  • Steve Moore writes I have shockwave up and running the animation works and the sound works. But I can't do any input from the keyboard. For Instance I created a postcard at the Kodak site and sent it to my self just to see what happened. It gave me a password to view what I sent. After going to the site it ask for password but I can't enter one. No input from Keyboard???? and then later adds I played around with the Kodak site this evening and found that if I hold down the tab key I can get the keyboard to work. I entered my password and played the postcard that I sent myself. Its pretty nice.
  • ShockWave Technical Support
  • Leroy Latta writes If you start the internet connection before you close the Shockwave install then it will connect to the welcome test screen. Then my system froze. I rebooted and went to the test screen all is well. I then went to Kodak and was unable to use the keyboard to input text into thet post card.
  • James Mckenzie writes PBROWSER.EXE crashes my system whenever I attempt to access a Shockwave/Director file. If I start a seamless session before I do so, the file will play right on through. I received notice that IBM is supposed to be "fixing" this problem.
  • Joe writes Shockwave requires an FPU (aka NPX in IBM terminology, Math-Coprocessor, etc). I use a Nexgen Nx586-VL100, and shockwave seems to work OK...Until it hits something that makes it want to use the FPU. Then the shockwave session dies and I get an OS/2 error that the NPX is not found. I don't know if there is a way to get it to emulate an FPU or force emulation, as the NexGen shows up as a 386 rather than a Pentium, 586, or 5x86.
  • Bruce Bogaard writes The Macromedia Shockwave test page has two test windows. One is marked A 16K Flash 2 animation and the other one is A 20K Director 6 movie. After adding the equivalent of

    1 x:\NETSCAPE\Plugins\NP16DSW.DLL

    to winplug.reg, the second test window displayed correctly, but the first one did not. So I added the equivalent of

    1 x:\NETSCAPE\Plugins\NPSWF16.DLL

    and the first test window displayed OK, too.

VDOLive Video Player [Win3.1] (was

I cannot get the VDOLive Player to run as a plug-in. Firstly the install detects that you do not have 16-bit Netscape installed and will not let you install the plug-in, so to get around that I installed it on another machine which does have 16-bit Netscape installed, and then copied across NPVDO.DLL the only file otherwise not installed, into my x:\NETSCAPE\PLUGINS directory and added to WINPLUG.REG the following line:

But when I clicked on a vdo file it launched and reported an application error. I can successfully run VDOLive Player as a helper application. It has the annoying habit of continually grabbing the focus, which makes it a little difficult to do other things while watching video, but otherwise it works very well. The only change I made to WINOS2 settings was to make sure I was running it in enhanced compatibility mode.

VivoActive Video Player [Win3.1]

Mark Flanagan reports similar progress with this that I had with the VDOLive Player, which is to say it the install program would not recognize Netscape/2 as a valid version of Netscape, and so it had to be installed with the Windows version of Netscape and then have the plug-in NPVIV16.DLL copied across into the plugins directory, plus the WINPLUG.REG file updated with the line

But then Mark goes on to say [...] the result of this effort was that the player worked but not altogether. I could get sound but not picture; if I clicked where the picture should be, the picture would appear and the sound would drop out!

  • Chris Powell writes I just installed the Vivo Interactive win3.1 plugin under netscape/2 with limited success. I don't have a win3.1 version of netscape on my machine, and the plugin recognized the os/2 version with no problem when installed in a fullscreen winos/2 session. When I try to launch a video, I get an error "pbrowser is not allowed to run in a winos/2 window. pbrowser will close". If I click OK the video DOES play, but with no sound. I can also only look at one video, then must restart netscape to view another or netscape will hang. I installed the player with the first version of netscape 2.02, and then upgraded today to the version released in march, with no change in the results. Warp 4, FP#1
  • Arman writes I install vivoactive under Netscape 4.04 as a plugin with good results. At first Netscape did not reckognize the plugin, but then I remove the files instaled from netscape/program/plugin directories living them only in win16 directory. And it works.
  • Pete writes The installer dumps everything into j:\netscape\plugins. Files are:- 
    DECODDLL.DLL These files must be moved to j:\netscape\program
    MSACM.DLL otherwise PBrowser.exe cannot find them
    MSVIDEO.DLL and displays an error message:- 
    NPDECODE.DLL "Unable to load required DLL. Error F002 has occurred"
    NPVIV16.DLL Move to j:\netscape\program\win16\plugins
    Netscape finds the NPVIV16.DLL in j:\netscape\program\win16\plugins and
    creates a Dummy(?) NPVIV16.DLL in j:\netscape\program\plugins. 
    NOTE: The same process should apply to NPDECODE.DLL but fails to work; 
    Netscape reports "Cannot find NPDECODE.DLL" unless NPDECODE.DLL is in the same location as PBrowser.exe. The above is the result of researching into why I was unable to get the Vivo player to work. It works fine now.

Citrix WinFrame Plug-in [Win3.1]

This plug-in allows you to run Windows applications embedded or linked to HTML web pages.

  • Dennis Day writes I've just installed Citrix's plugin which allows you to run applications on a Citrix server in a Netscape frame. Works wonderfully.

PointCast [Win3.1]

John C. Welch reports Pointcast installs just fine, although you have to tell it where the winsock DLL is. Two Caveats:

  1. It hoses my screen colors, (forces to windows 16 color palette.) I am not sure if this is a function of my video card, (ATI Mach64) or what, but most times, to UN-hose it, I have to reboot.
  2. Do NOT use at same time as Netscape/2. As a matter of practice, I reboot before using Netscape/2 after using pointcast.
  • Garey Smiley writes Pointcast works much better if you run 65K colors with your video driver. Also the update software function dosen't seem to work. When updates come out you will have to redownload the complete kit.

StreamWorks [Win3.1]

Follow these instructions for installation (they are written for Macintosh but Leroy Latta reports they work for OS/2).

Live3D [Win3.1] (was

Peter Baitz reports For what it's worth, I am using the LIVE3D for Windows plugin and functionally it works fine, except the colors are usually all different than under the Windows version of Netscape. I am using the lastest Netscape 2.2 download for OS/2, under Warp 4.

  • As of 12/14/99 I cannot find a link for this product

MDL Chemscape ChimeTM [Win3.1]

Jüri Ivask reports MDL Chemscape ChimeTM is a Netscape Navigator plug-in which makes it easy to embed chemical structures within an HTML page. Structures are rendered from industry-standard input files such as MDL's MolFile or, Brookhaven Protein Databank (PDB) files. Each Chime plug-in is "live"; you can use the right mouse button to modify properties of the plug-in (try it!). That's from the MDL home page The Netscape 16 -bit Windows plugin is called "MDL Chemscape Chime". I tried to install it as a plugin for NS 2.02 for OS/2. I had to manually add the entry to the winplug.reg file. It seems to work, however I have not tested it throughfully. The images from the above samples page trend to overcome their borders when the page is scrolled up and down.