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Windows plug-ins not appearing in About Plug-ins

For some people Windows3.1 plug-ins do not get correctly added to the winplug.reg file in their netscape directory. This results in none of the Windows3.1 plug-ins being listed in the about:plugins window. Here is what my file presently looks like:

1 x:\NETSCAPE\Plugins\Npra16.dll
1 x:\NETSCAPE\Plugins\npdsmi.dll

Windows seamless sessions cause system hangs

If you are troubled by system lockups when you launch Windows3.1 programs then many people have reported that these can be avoided by reverting to theSEAMLESS.DLL from before installing Netscape/2. If you have Merlin, then this can be restored using:


This puts a copy in C:\TEMP, you must then shutdown and re-IPL and select ALT+F1 when the white box appears, and then F2 to enter command mode from the menu. At this point you can copy SEAMLESS.DLL into x:\OS2\DLL, but make a backup of your existing one. The side effect of doing this is that Netscape/2 plug-ins no longer function. Netscape/2 reports some error about your needing Warp 3.0 and FixPak 26 if you try and launch any. You can still run helper applications just not plug-ins. But it does at least seem to prevent those system hangs.

  • Gideon Singer writes I have found a workaround for this. Run a seamless stub program and as long as this is running other seamless programs can be started and stopped. However, if a full screen session or program manager is run and then exited it takes the seamless stub with it. Then you have to re-IPL in order to reset the session.
  • Greg Doggett writes The PMR on this problem is 5x146,49R. In addition to system hangs, another symptom is erratic and slow keyboard/mouse response in word processing applications. I had witnessed that exact symptom in two Warp 4 machines, but had no idea they were related to the Netscape for OS/2 load. The PMR advises replacing the SEAMLESS.DLL, just as you had. It also advises replacing the PMDDEML.DLL. Netscape for OS/2 installs a new version of this file, too, and apparently it interacts with SEAMLESS.DLL. This file can be found on the Warp 4 CD in x:\OS2IMAGE\FI\DAX\DLL. It is in unpacked format, so it can be copied directly into C:\OS2\DLL.

WSAAsynchSelect() unable to locate CB for this socket

Some Windows3.1 programs like RealAudio may report the error WSAAsynchSelect() unable to locate CB for this socket. While this can be safely ignored, it is avoidable in RealAudio. Select View / Preferences... and choose the Transport tab, then select the radio button marked Use specified transports. You may then also have to select the Specify transports... button and uncheck the first two check boxes on that page. Once you have done this you should be able to save your settings by clicking on OK. RealAudio should now play without reporting this error.

  • Darryl Sperber writes In RealAudio Player Plus 3.0, the dialog should be VIEW | PREFERENCES, followed by USE SPECIFIED TRANSPORT, and then click SPECIFY TRANSPORTS... wherein you then uncheck the first 2 boxes, leaving TCP as the sole method.
  • Samuel Audet writes When you choose TCP transport for RealAudio, the transfer speed will get slower in some (most) cases because of the need to ack each blocks compared to UDP, where it's just a stream. I prefer to ignore the WAAA errors, until it is fixed than some choppy sound.
  • James Mckenzie writes The WAASYNC message was fixed for Warp 3.0 with the maintenance release in late March. However, Warp 4.0 with the same fixes still displays the error message.
  • David Johnson writes I used to get the 'WSAAsynchSelect() unable to locate CB for this socket' message everytime I ended the realaudio player 3.0 program. I just ignored it. Then, I began using 'Air Travel Manager' in a big way ( and these messages became a problem. I fixed it by installing the newest winsock files that IBM released in September, 1997. There are five of them and they are downloaded in a compressed file called 'dosbox.exe.' You can download this file from leo at or at lots of other places. After installing the new files, I no longer had the message and other winsock applications such as the Window 3.1 versions of Internet Explorer and Netscape also worked with no problems. I think if people upgrade to these files, about 95% of your winsock-related error messages will no longer be needed.

Could not load the plug-in...

If when you try and play a MIDI file you receive the error Could not load the plug-in 'OS/2 Multimedia Plugins' for the MIME type 'audio/midi'. Make sure enough memory is available and that the plug-in is installed correctly then you may have made a change to the program object you are using to start Netscape. Check the settings of the program object you are using. To fix the problem make sure that the path and filename is x:\NETSCAPE\NETSCAPE.EXE - it isn't enough for it to just read NETSCAPE.EXE even if that lies along your path. I have no idea why this is, but it seems to be the case. It was shown me by Ron, and I have been able to reproduce the same behavior on my OS/2 Warp 4.0 system.

  • Denny Avers writes I have tried using the fully justified name in the settings notebook [...] I still cannot play midi, wav, etc. sounds. [...] I'm using Warp v.3 (no fixpacks). but then later reports that he has it working on this system after following these steps
    1. Completely clean house of existing NS/2 installation. (For me, this was running the install routines included with NS/2 and the Plugpack, making sure Netscape directory was completely gone, removed \javaos2 directory and its contents, then ran UniMaint to make sure I got everything in the config.sys and *.ini files.)
    2. Re-boot the machine.
    3. Install Netscape/2. Don't re-boot yet.
    4. Install Plugpack. Do not try to install the Win plug-in support.
    5. Now, re-boot the machine. Watch the screen to make sure the locked files were released.
    6. Check to make sure proper files are in the netscape\plugins directory:
    7. Verify that winplug.reg is NOT in the netscape\plugins directory. If it is, then you have tried to install Win Plug-in support. You can't just delete this file -- must start over again from the beginning.
    8. . The FIRST TIME I ran NS/2, I did so from the command line:
      C:>cd \netscape
      C:>start netscape

About Plug-ins screen is blank...

Thanks to Randy Petersen for pointing out that the About Plug-ins screen is blank if you disable javascript. This is a checkbox under Options / Security Preferences... in the Java section of the General page.

Problems accessing audio device in WINOS2

Randy Petersen offers the following advice to people experiences problems with sound in WINOS2

For those seeing Cannot access audio device under windows apps, or MM services not available using MMOS2 plugins. This happens when OS/2 MMOS2 or a windows session does not release the sound card resources. I finally have it figured out how to get windows sound and OS/2 sound working (of course not at the same time). Here are some helpful hints for those not being able to get windows plugins/helpers or OS/2 audio working:

  1. Disable System sounds
  2. Ensure following statement in x:\CONFIG.SYS for OS/2 boot drive is not REM'd out: SBAUD1$ for a Sound Blaster (may be different on yours).
  3. Go to all your seamless windows apps that play sound, including System Setup->WIN-OS/2 Setup and make the following settings: [NOTE: I also opened a drive icon view and changed settings for the x:\NETSCAPE\PLUGINS\PBROWSER.EXE object]
    1. WIN_RUN_MODE=Enhanced
    2. WIN_DDE=On
      This is needed otherwise windows apps won't be able to access the sound card, or won't release it when closed.
    4. DOS_DEVICE=x:\tcpip\bin\VDOSTCP.SYS 
      This gives windows apps virtualized access to the OS/2 TCP/IP stack
    5. INT_DURING_IO=Off 
      YMMV, but I lockup with '=On'
      Allows CTRL-ESC to kill hung windows
      YMMV, but I lockup with '>1'

Make sure you do all these changes, then reboot before testing as a lockup may prevent these settings from being saved and you have to start all over again.

  • J. Joseph Benavidez writes One thing I've noticed is that all window's helper programs that you set up should not be set up as a "separate session". This is because (with SB's anyway) that if one windows session starts, no other session can grab the sound card.
  • William Nau writes I'm using a ESS688 sound card and have the Win-OS2 drivers installed properly. It works fine with helpers like StreamWorks, but refused to work with RealAudio [snip] I had to tell RealAudio that my 16 bit soundcard was only 8 bits.

Cannot find WINSOCK.DLL

WINSOCK.DLL is included with OS/2 TCP/IP and installed in X:\TCPIP\DOS\BIN. Two things can cause this not to be found. Firstly the directory where it resides must be listed in the PATH statement of your AUTOEXEC.BAT and secondly there must be no other WINSOCK.DLL on your system which appears in the PATH earlier than the OS/2 provided one. The following notes should help resolve some problems.

  • MRF sent this possible workaround for the error reporting that winsock.dll cannot be found: I have had a tough time getting this to work at all until I read a post in usenet stating that you have to set the working directory for RA 3.0 to x:\tcpip\dos\bin. I used the "app settings" box to set it up as a launchable helper. Voila! Works like a dream!!!
  • Edward Stangler reports: If you are having problems with not finding WINSOCK.DLL, the real solution is to put the X:\TCPIP\DOS\BIN directory in your AUTOEXEC.BAT PATH. On my system, however, I found that my AUTOEXEC.BAT PATH was too long, and X:\TCPIP\DOS\BIN was not being included. Thus, I was getting "WINSOCK.DLL not found" when loading RealAudio. Making X:\TCPIP\DOS\BIN the current directory for the RealAudio program is a temporary solution; other programs will still not be able to find WINSOCK.DLL unless you change THEIR current directories.
  • Michel Ferland writes I solved my "Cannot Find WINSOCK.DLL" error while starting RealAudio as an helper application by making a copy of the WINSOCK.DLL file found in x:\TCPIP\DOS\BIN to the x:\OS2\MDOS\WINOS2 directory.

Message saying you need fixpak 26 or later

If you are running Warp 4.0 and get a message saying that you need fixpak 26 when you try and run a Windows3.1 plugin, then it may be because when the windows plugin pack was installed it did not apply all the necessary system upgrade files. It may also be because you have followed the steps elsewhere on this page describing how to restore the original seamless.dll. If the latter is true then there is nothing that can be done until a fix is available. But if you haven't restored the original seamless.dll then you can try following the following instructions from Martin Warnett.

If you run plugpack.exe in a temporary directory it will decompress and you should find os2_v4.in_ plus a bunch of other stuff. It is easier if you copy this file to another temporary directory or delete everything except this from the current one. Then unpack it by typing unpack2 os2_v4.in_ This should produce:

12-10-96   5:56p     39279           0  seamless.dll
12-14-96   5:47a    267648           0  user.exe
11-21-96  11:36p     26905           0  winsmsg.dll      

Back up your existing files and copy these over to the correct locations specified below. You may have to boot to a command line to do this if the .DLL's are in use.


Be warned that many people are experiencing system hangs when running seamless winos2 sessions with the above seamless.dll so you may just want to wait until a new plugin pack is released, or a fixpak to Warp 4.0.

  • Eric Bentley writes I found that if I installed the plugpack.exe using 4os2, I received this error and when I used CMD.EXE to install, I did not get the error. The problem is that the install program uses the version number of the OS to determine which seamless.dll (and user.exe and one other) files to package file to open and 4os2 returns version 3.1 under Warp4.

Notes on reporting problems

If you are experiencing a problem using Netscape Navigator for OS/2 Warp then report it to IBM. This is as simple as selecting How to Get Support from under the Help menu and completing a form. No need to phone a 1-800 number or have a support contract, just fill in the form and click submit. I am experiencing and have submitted reports of the following problems. If you also experience these then I encourage you to submit a problem report. The more people report the problem the more details IBM will have and the easier it will be for them to provide a fix. Even if you don't think you can provide any more details than others may have already, it will serve to show how many people experience it, and hence how serious the problem is.

  • system hangs when starting WINOS2 seamless sessions (SEAMLESS.DLL)
  • WSAAsynchSelect() unable to locate CB for this socket (WINSOCK.DLL)
  • Find window doesn't highlight previous contents - only a cosmetic problem I know, and not really related to plug-ins, but it's something that annoys me every time I go to search, and this is my page so I'll write what I want. (Fixed in March 31st, 1997 level of Navigator 2.02)