Netscape Navigator for OS/2 Warp - OS/2 plug-ins

Digital Sound & Music Interface [OS/2]

Excellent OS/2 plug-in music module providing support for several extra multimedia audio formats.

  • John McGing writes Well, I haven't found any pages that use it but it sure sounds good in the test it sets up. Follow the docs and it works as advertised.
  • David Sherrod writes there is at least one place where sound can be heard - specifically placed there for OS/2 users, send 'em to: An Enchanted Page/2 (broken link)
  • Thom Davis writes A guy was saying that there is no place that is DSMI Enhanced Well, The OS/2 BookStore listing of books is! The first screen is nice and quiet, but click on the listing and You'l current Axle F
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VRML/2 [OS/2] (was

VRML/2 is a fully 32-bit, multithreaded, native to OS/2 VRML 1.1 viewer brought to you by Now Enterprises. Rendering is implemented using OpenGL.

QuickFlick [OS/2]

QuickMotion 1.3 now includes QuickFlick, a native 32-bit plugin for the OS/2 version of Netscape Navigator which supports QuickTime movies.

  • Gideon Singer writes [QuickMotion 1.3] Works quite well. No problems installing it.
  • Mark Klebanoff writes In both Warp 3 and 4, when using Version 2.14 of the Matrox drivers, I got a SYS3175 error when attempting to load a QuickTime VR movie into Quick Flick 2.0. Going back to the 2.13 drivers solved the problem
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MainActor [OS/2] (was

MainActor isn't a plugin, but since someone took the time to write to me about it, I thought I would included it here.

  • Dr. Martin Stahl writes to point out that there no longer appears to be a version of MainActor for OS/2.
  • Nenad Milenkovic writes [...] for Windows AVI and Apple Quicktime movies. German company named MainConcept developed MainActor. It is a full featured multimedia authoring tool, it's shareware (full-feature evaluation version available at It is still in some sort of Beta (v0.80 available) [ed: newer versions are avaiable now] but I have not found any MOV file that it will not play and is really stable (beta means that thay have not added all features that thay planned). It is shareware and has "reminder" feature, but with MainActor you get MainView which has no "reminders" at all and could be used as excellent "helper" application for Netscape.
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OpenDoc WebPak PartPak [OS/2] (was

IBM OpenDoc WebPak provides integrated support for java applets, netscape plug-ins and HTML documents.

  • As of 12/14/99 I cannot find a link for this
  • Jim Sullivan writes There seems to be many megs of stuff, none too well documented and no explanation how to install it. I started unzipping files, then changed my mind. Now I think I hosed my Java setup. Proceed cautiously.
  • Emre Kiciman writes I downloaded the webpak zip file (~850KB). It had three packages within it: the Netscape Opendoc Plugin, an OpenDoc WWWPart, and an Opendoc Java Handler. To Install:
    Unzip the WWWPart into \opendoc\bin\, Run the wwwinstall.cmd to register the new opendoc part with your system.
    Unzip the JavaPart into \opendoc\bin\, Run the javapart.cmd to register the opendoc part.
    Unzip the Netscape Plugin into some temp directory. Copy cautil.dll into \opendoc\bin\. Copy npod.dll into \netscape\plugins\
    That's it. Now, you should have two new parts available in your opendoc templates folder, and a new plugin in netscape.
    Report: I haven't had too much of a chance to test the system, but it seems okay so far...
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Adobe Acrobat Reader [OS/2]

Download and install the latest Adobe Acrobat Reader for OS/2, it automatically installs the Netscape Navigator for OS/2 plugin.

PNG plugin [OS/2]

Thanks to Ryan Dill and for bringing a new PNG plugin to my attention. The author of the plugin is Giorgio Costa <>.

Panacea Software were developing a PNG plugin for OS/2, although now apparently have discontinued it. Thanks to David Cougle for originally bringing this plugin to my attention, and again for pointing out that it has been discontinued.

Bamba [OS/2]

Bamba is a technology of streaming audio and video players from IBM Research that allows you to play audio and video over the Internet. The plug-in is designed to provide high quality audio and high frame-rate video over the low-bandwidth and dial-up connections typical on the Internet today (14.4 and 28.8 Kbits/sec).

mp123 [OS/2]

This is the official OS/2 port of the fast MPEG Audio Player "mpg123" written by Michael Hipp. It isn't a plugin, but can be used as a Netscape helper app, and since it is native OS/2 I'm going to include it.

  • Ryan Dill writes The current version of the OS/2 mp3 player 'mp123' has the capability to play mp3 files _streamed_ (like RealAudio) from the Web. It includes a .cmd file that allows it to be used as a helper application for Navigator 2.02. These streamed mp3s usually have extension 'm3u'.AudioActive uses this type of streamed mp3, as do a bunch of other products like Shockwave and Microsoft's NetShow. Since mp3s are fast becoming a standard, it's great OS/2 isn't being left out.
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Voyager VRML Viewer [OS/2]

Voyager, OS/2 Warp's Premiere VRML V2.0 Netscape Plugin, lets you explore the vast worlds of VRML. Discover virtual Dublin, journey alongside the Mars Pathfinder, unearth the Aztec ruins, trudge through a tangled jungle, or orbit the moon. The possibilities are endless when you're aboard Voyager, come for a ride.