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Dec 1, 2008
Help Desk Computers no longer sells eCS preloaded computers
Nov 27, 2008
Move to
Sep 7, 2005
Added a link to the new Rexx Programmer's Reference book
Jul 12, 2005
IBM announces withdrawal from marketing and end of support for OS/2 and OS/2 Warp Server for e-business
Apr 2, 2005
Added AP-COM to the OS/2 preload list
Mar 15, 2005
Added Yea Computing Services to the OS/2 preload list
Feb 20, 2005
Several new additions to the OS/2 preload list: ERA Computer Consulting, Blonde Guy OS/2 Consulting, blue.point Solutions and Help Desk Computers. This is the largest number of additions for at least 5 years! Updated text to clarify that it's for companies that sell computers preloaded with either OS/2 or eComStation, as well as for consultants that offer installation services with those operating systems..
Feb 13, 2005
Checked links. Removed Centurion from the OS/2 preload list. Fixed contact and submission forms.
May 29, 2003
Checked OS/2 links were to active sites and organizations. Added Virtual PC for OS/2 and VOICE newsletter. Added most current Dell computer certified for OS/2. Retired Books and Magazines pages. Fixed contact and submission forms, which look like they've been broken since sometime in February.
January 28, 2003
Added PC House, Eastway Computers, Chakavak to the OS/2 preload list
September 22, 2002
Updated preload list
September 4, 2002
Fixed links
August 21, 2000
Fixed links
March 27, 2000
Updated link to Voyager VRML
January 1, 2000
Updated link to Digital Sound & Music Interface
December 14, 1999
Fixed broken links
October 15, 1999
Updated URL for download
October 25, 1998
Added new hint for VivoActive
September 29, 1998
Added new hint for RealPlayer 5.0
July 21, 1998
Updates to notes on Shockwave and RealPlayer
May 17, 1998
Added new hint for RealPlayer 5.0
April 19, 1998
Changed link to unofficial home page.
April 9, 1998
Problem with Matrox drivers and QuickFlick.
February 8, 1998
Added RealAudio hint and two VRML plugins - VRML/2 and Voyager - replacing WarpSpace which is no longer being developed.
January 19, 1998
Added MDL Chemscape ChimeTM
January 8, 1998
Added link to new PNG plugin.
December 13, 1997
Updated URL for Dan D. Libby unofficial home page at Netscape.
November 12, 1997
Remove Lightning Strike since they no longer offer a 16bit version of their Windows plugin. (source: Ryan Dill)

I began using OS/2 in about 1988 and it was my primary operating system, both at home and work, until early 1998. After that time I no longer used OS/2 at work, and although I continued to use it regularly at home for another year or so, it became less and less frequent until I finally shut down OS/2 for the last time at home in August 2002.

I started the Alex Chapman OS/2 Home Page in early 1994 when it was hosted with a free service offered by TurnPike. It moved to Digiserve in 1995, where in early 1996 it became and remained there until 2008, despite changing underlying web hosting service since to pair Networks. In November 2008 it moved to

In 1993 while I was living in London, England and connecting to the internet via Demon Internet Services, I wrote a suite of OS/2 REXX programs for sending and receiving email and downloading news for offline reading which were ka9q compatible and that I packaged as WARPDIS and released as freeware under the GPL. I've copied a local version here. It can also still be downloaded from it's original location.

During this time I also published an OS/2 Meta Faq containing a list of useful links for OS/2 users. The last update to this appears to have been the 4th September 1995. I've copied a local version here, but it is currently still available from it's original location. It's just here for my amusement, and most of the links and email addresses are out of date.

In late 1995, when I wanted to upgrade my computer, I did some research into places that I could buy a system with OS/2 preloaded. I later published this as the OS/2 pre-load list, and have maintained it since. I ended up buying a custom P133 ASUS SCSI system from one Venkat Thirumalai in January 1996 which I continued to use for many years, upgrading OS/2 several times. I eventually donated this computer to a local charity (TEAMing for TECHnology) in August 2002..

Unfortunately, like a great many other vendors that were on early versions of the OS/2 pre-load list, Venkat Thirumalai no longer sells OS/2 systems. It was particularly saddening to see that Indelible Blue closed their doors 5/31/2001. In 2002 there were no submissions to the list at all.

When IBM and Netscape shipped Netscape Navigator 2.02 for OS/2 in 1996, they included a component designed to let OS/2 users run Win 3.1 Netscape Navigator plugins. But the OS/2 newsgroups rapidly filled with problems surrounding its use. After seeing the same questions asked and answered many times, I compiled this list of Hints and Tips for using Windows 3.1 plugins with Netscape Navigator for OS/2.

Along the way I've had plenty of other OS/2 related adventures. Trying to get OS/2 device drivers for a particular sound card from Reveal Multimedia is one that sticks out. After being strung along for several months, Reveal Multimedia finally went out of business. I've had OS/2 web pages on a number of topics over the years. The survivors can be found on my current Alex Chapman OS/2 Home Page.

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